Cyber Skills Programme

Cyber College Cymru runs skills programmes aimed at 16-19 year olds at FE Colleges in Wales, providing industry-led training to prepare young people for careers in cyber security and digital transformation.

The Welsh economy needs to protect:





Cyber skills are in high demand!

After college you can start:


Degree apprenticeship

Full time employment

Specialist degree / HNC

We prepare students for a great career!

Your training:




Careers guidance

Delivered by leading companies!


Technical training

40 x workshops delivered by industry over 2 years to develop and accelerate skills.


Curriculum briefings

Insights provided by industry to help you understand how studies prepare for a career.


Challenge Days

5 x challenge days run by industry to test skills and compete against other colleges.


Careers support

Helping to identify suitable degrees, apprenticeships or employment.

Programme content

Our partners play a crucial role in training students based on the needs of industry.

Students are led through an extra-curricular training programme that complements their core curriculum, while developing and accelerating skills that demonstrates tangible value to potential employers and provides a strong foundation for progression into Higher Education.


Team Leaders go above and beyond, supporting other students and sharing knowledge & expertise to those who need help.

(Nominated by teachers)

Ambassadors build the skills pipeline for Cyber College Cymru, spreading the good word on social media, and working with schools to recruit the next generation.

(Nominated by teachers)

Achievers actively participate in workshops, contributing to session, asking questions and researching topics further.

(Nominated by teachers)

Dynamo achieves 5,000+ points on Immersive Labs.


We recognise students’ development in relation to the cyber security industry.


Appealing to both intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors, we encourage teamwork between students and competition between colleges.

I enjoyed the labs, the people presenting, explained everything very well and went into a lot of detail

Gwent Year 1

Presenter was enthusiastic and was extremely helpful.

Bridgend Year 1

The presenter was enthusiastic and was very hands on with the groups, I enjoyed learning new things about this lab and had lots of help.

Merthyr Tydfil Year 2

It was very clear, although fast paced it was well instructed.

Bridgend Year 2

Great knowledge about the topics. Great teacher, really enthusiastic and very helpful.

Gwent Year 2