How FE colleges add value

Many students enter their Level 3 studies at FE colleges, with little understanding of the career options available, or the skills needed in the new world.

Our FE college partners serve an integral role in providing students with access to training and development as part of the students’ learning journey.

Scheduling & coordination


Curriculum content

Hosting partners, travel arrangements

Making sure activities are run on time every time is a huge part of the success of our programmes.

FE college partners are integral to the smooth running of every activity delivered by industry.


Teacher feedback calls

Curriculum content

Programme design

Quality management and professional development are keys factors in the success of the programme. Teachers give great insights that help to understand where training or improvements may be needed for our industry partners.

How industry supports Cyber College Cymru

Lead partner

Technical training

Strategic direction

Host key events (CTFs, challenges)

Our lead partners drive the strategic objectives of our programmes, and are integral to forward planning, alongside delivery of technical training.

Partners from private and public sector are welcomed, from vendor to ‘end user’.

Technical capabilities are essential to fulfil training commitments as a Lead Partner.

Careers partner

Employability skills workshops

Careers support

Support key events

Career Partners bring the capacity and expertise needed to support students in understanding recruitment processes, expectations, and most importantly, the range of opportunities in the local and regional economy.

Career Partners may include those in the recruitment industry, or HR functions in organisations.

Supporting students in securing early careers is integral to the role of the Careers Partner.

Make a difference

Partnership with Cyber College Cymru provides you with the opportunity to impact young lives, provide your staff with fantastic rewarding opportunities, and build the skills pipeline to support economic growth.

Provided for partners

What’s included

Lesson plans and materials

Coordination and scheduling

Workshop delivery training for employees

Feedback reports on all activities

Social media posts on all activities

student testimonials

I enjoyed learning about metadata and the robots.txt, it was very informative on the topics.

Merthyr Tydfil Year 1

The presenter provided lots of interesting and relevant information.

Gwent Year 2

The presenter was extremely helpful and came prepared with custom videos to help support us., The presenter was really prepared and very helpful to us all, I liked the learning of new things because we have never seen these before.

Gwent Year 2

It was very clear, although fast paced it was well instructed.

Bridgend Year 2

The presenter was really amazing, and engaging. personality was great.

Bridgend Year 1

I enjoyed the fact that we jumped straight into the labs and that we were able to research by ourselves.

Merthyr Tydfil Year 2

Partner Colleges

Industry Partners